January 28, 2011

Who We Are

iStock 000009344575XSmall Who We Are

Be Promotable is a premier personal branding & marketing resource for women who are solo professionals or new small business owners.  We specialize in providing the most current online resources to promote clarity and visibility for your business identity.

What is branding?

A personal brand is the perceived image of an individual.  The image typically connects with others who recognize the brand because of  repeated contact and interactions. Branding is promoting this image in a way that gets noticed by a wider audience; it’s about distinguishing yourself and your offerings in such a way that people can’t wait to work with you.

Who do we do brand work with?

  • Ambitious, solo professional women starting a new solo business (e.g. coach, service professional, direct sales, realtor)
  • Women with a corporate background in the process of transitioning to a new one-owner business
  • Clients with busy, multiple responsibilities who want to put in place structure and systems that get results
  • People seeking creative, time-effective solutions to get more done & earn more money
  • Business owners who are driven to improve what they do and how they do it

What do my clients want?

  • To figure out the best way to be visible without sacrificing their personal values
  • Develop strong quality relationships w/clients & resources
  • Be able to adopt the necessary career skills to stay competitive in the workplace & marketplace
  • Case studies to see how others have become successful
  • Better equipped to forecast their next step when the future of their careers changes

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