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Tanya is a phenomenal coach who is overflowing with a wealth of info and resources for solopreneurs.  Tanya and I worked together in 2010 when I was trying to get clear about my target audience and niche for my coaching business. I participated in the 7 week Promotable Brand program and I learned a ton about myself, my brand and how brand impacts your business. I had access to business resources that are truly essential to any business owner and it was all accessible through a great online portal.  Thanks Tanya.  I’m finally on the right path to getting my coaching firm The Marriage Effect off to a great beginning.  – Jennifer Conner, www.lovestartswithme.com

dana headshot Testimonials“Tanya was a God-send for me and my business. Before I began coaching with Tanya, I was a confused and struggling solo-entrepreneur who had also been unemployed for over a year. I had tried ever business opportunity under the sun over the past 8 years without much success. After only a few coaching sessions, I began to gain so much clarity and confidence that I had never before, even with all the thousands of dollars worth of ebooks, success manuals, and motivational tools I had purchased prior to this. As a result of my new-found clarity and confidence, I began to get job offers and more targeted prospects and client in my business.  Tanya has a special gift for bringing out the best in her clients and each time you speak with her, you can tell she has a genuine interest in your success. Coaching isn’t for everybody, only those who wan to be successful. If that’s you, I highly recommend Tanya Smith.”  – Dana Williams, Internet Marketing Consultant www.DanaWilliams.com

tamikabryant Testimonials You always exceed my expectations on the material you deliver, this time you blew me away. The templates, resources and tools that we walked away with can be used for many years to come. You do what you do very well and your passion came across in each call that we’ve had and all correspondence that you sent out.  – Tamika Bryant,  Lapband Success Coach

HalimaGriffin 150x150 Testimonials“Wow, thank you Tanya! After that 30 minute conversation, I can say I had a very engaging conversation with the Director of my campus. There was no anxiety or nervousness, only powerful communication that got all my needs met. Exactly as you said it would.” Halima Griffin, Virginia

shameka grinage 150x150 Testimonials“Tanya is a resource.  She always shares helpful tools that keep you inspired and motivated in your career quest.  I always walk away with one of Tanya’s golden nuggets at the end of our calls!” Shameka Grinage, New York

I recently had the pleasure of working with Coach Tanya. With the recession going on I, like so many other professionals, had been forced to reach a crossroads in my career path.  With her extensive wisdom and obvious passion for what she does, Tanya was able to clearly articulate and bring together what had been fragmented thoughts and ideas in my mind, therefore giving focus and clarity to what my next career step would be.  Tanya brings a much needed service to today’s working environment. Too many people walk around not knowing where their place is and thus living very unfulfilled lives.  I would highly recommend everyone, whether employed or unemployed, take advantage of her life changing skills so that they fully utililize the gifts and talents that God has blessed them with.  Go out and spread the word!!” – Kabinda Bulawayo, Texas

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The class was greeeeeat! As usual, Coach Tanya facilitated a phenomenal session that will allow all of us (who choose to) to implement good principles for practical and spiritual application. I don’t know that you can get better career coaching anywhere with that combination. She was extremely objective and challenged me a great deal. If you want to strive for professional and personal excellence, I would HIGHLY recommend that you utilize the services of Tanya Smith. Trust me…I am a living witness! I have now been blessed with 2 job opportunities, since I went through her coaching sessions with significant increase in income and experience!!!  – Dawn Conner, St. Louis, MO

I highly recommend Design Your Work career coaching to anyone that is wanting career direction and ideas. Tanya brings unique tools into the coaching process, and provides excellent resources for the client throughout the process – along with the many resources available on the website. She is an excellent communicator and the coaching process is a thorough and well rounded program. It was/is a very positive experience that has helped me to clarify where I am now in my career, where I want to go, and how to access the tools I need to get there.  – Diane Patrick, Dallas, TX

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