Audio from Guest Expert Denise Cooper

Be Promotable is sponsoring an event this month from 8/30-9/2 called the Women of Color Career Success Telesummit.  We’ll have ten amazing presenters who are career and business experts, coaches, speakers and authors share with you their wisdom on how to succeed in your career without losing your values and with clarity of purpose.

One of the really great things about this telesummit is that we will have a chance to meet great people like Denise Cooper of Coach HR at

I asked Denise to record a short interview with me to answer :  “What is a top challenge for multicultural women trying to advance into leadership positions?”

Here’s Denise’s answer and a little taste of the kind of insight we will enjoy at the telesummit:

denisecooper 144x150 Audio from Guest Expert Denise Cooper

Denise wants you to know that she offers a great assessment tool called the Hartman Value Profile.

Some of the many benefits of the Hartman Value Profile are that it:

  • identifies personal strengths and areas for growth that individuals can build upon
  • helps people better understand themselves and others
  • enhances workplace performance and teamwork effectiveness
  • facilitates the development of a “values-based” culture that supports and fosters the development of an “ethics-based” culture within organizations
  • provides managers with a valid and reliable instrument to assist them in evaluating employees and prospective employees
  • helps managers make better hiring decisions and reduce costly employee turnover

Stop by her website at and check out Denise’s offerings.  And remember, there’s still time to join us for the Women of Color Career Success Telesummit.  Find out more at

Anatomy of a Personal Brand Strategy – Part II

img004 Anatomy of a Personal Brand Strategy – Part IILast week we talked about my own branding strategy and I gave you 5 concepts that are key to having a great personal  brand that you can communicate for career and personal success.

This week, we will go a little deeper and I will share with you five other areas to pay attention to while you are developing your intended personal brand message. (click here to read Part I)

Other areas I work with my clients on are more inner-focused.  The five I will share with you today can be considered “pre-work”, so you may even do well to go back and read Part I after you’ve read this post so that you see the connection between both parts.

  1. Purpose:   What are you here for?  What is the mission you have been uniquely designated to fulfill?  (e.g., To empower professional women to realize personal fulfillment in their daily work.)
  2. Vision:  What do you see as the ideal environment you desire to create?  (e.g., A world where corporate professionals think & operate at their maximum potential for the good of the global community.)  Note:  The photo to your left is not a real picture.  I have not yet made it to a magazine cover, but this is a vision of something I believe can and will happen when I walk fully into my purpose.
  3. Values:  What ideals are most important to you?  Without these, you feel disconnected and misaligned when you are in certain environments.   For example, if you work for a company that does not value family, but it is one of your top priorities, there may be discomfort and you become disengaged because of the lack of agreement.  (e.g., competence, knowledge, time freedom, family, spirituality, balance, creative expression, problem-solving).
  4. Passions:  For what do you get most excited?  When you are fully engaged in this activity, does it energize you?  How can you explore this more?  (e.g. personal productivity, acquiring & sharing knowledge, motivating others, creative expression).
  5. Skills:  What skills and talents come naturally to you?  Where have you spent time learning and gaining expertise?  Are there areas that you want to further develop and what will it take to achieve the level of competence you want? (e.g., coaching, empowering, presenting, seeing the details, communicating, growing professionally, learning, visioning).

I will not tell you that this part is easy, however, with diligence and attention to these areas you will become more adept at sharing your personal brand.  Having conscious awareness of these concepts and how each applies to you will require an in-depth study of yourself.

Are you up for the challenge?

About the Author: Tanya Smith of Be Promotable helps ambitious professional women develop a powerful personal brand strategy to be positioned for the career of their dreams. To get instant access to her free special report on how to surefire steps to be promotable stop by and visit

3 Mistakes I Made As a New Solo Business Owner

This past week I had several questions come up about starting a new business.  Since I have the perspective of someone who has started a business with a one-man shop, or a “solopreneur” business as some have coined it, I will share a few pointers based on my big failures.  See it’s when you fail at something, or make big whopping mistakes, that you learn the biggest lessons.

Mistake #1 – Not Walking In Your Own Lane

When I first started looking at a business opportunity, it really wasn’t planned.  I had been approached by someone to participate in a direct sales business.  I didn’t know the person, and I actually never saw them again after I joined.  Much of what I learned throughout my 6 years of working that business, I learned through great trial and error and I was never truly “successful” in getting the results I wanted.

Later on, I figured out why. The work I was doing was not in an area of my passion.  While I enjoyed some of the “accessory” items like the camraderie of peers in the business, the fancy trips, etc. the actual work was nothing I’d wanted to specialize in.  My corporate background was in Human Resources and my education was in Psychology and Business. My sales business, however, was in personal care….?

After I determined it was time to go, and I headed into the direction of my passion – which is helping people become more prosperous in their careers; to enjoy life at work more. Once I understood that, things took off in a very different way.  Instead of the work of building my business feeling like trudging through mud, I actually felt more free and more joyous about it.

Mistake #2 – Spending Without a Plan

When I first started out, I heard “network, network, network” so I attended every event, spent money for hundreds of lunches, and saw maybe a 1-2% return on the investment I was making.  Well…I did get to line my entire office with business cards of people I don’t know to this day.

I was paying attention to advice from people without identifying what type of activities would really benefit me and the clients I was after. It took me several years before I learned this lesson – and once I sat down to examine who I wanted to talk to, where they frequented, and what they liked, finding them was a lot less expensive and more fruitful!

Mistake #3 – Not Getting Help

As a solo business owner, and someone who is very driven, it has been difficult to let go of certain parts of my business.  What i have realized is that just like you can’t be everything to everyone, I cannot be everything to all parts my business. I had to learn to find experts and resources that complement the areas I’m not good at OR those areas that keep me from doing the real work that generates income.  After all, as much as your work can be grounded in your passion, don’t forget you still should see a monetary return on your business…otherwise, it’s just a hobby!

There are many more lessons I could share with you but for sake of brevity in this post, I’ll leave you with these to chew on for now.

For me, being promotable is about embracing all the lessons you learn, especially in times of adversity and error, then moving forward to the next experience.  Just get ready…because you’ll have your own article to write some day on this topic! Now go out there and be promotable!

About the Author: Tanya Smith of Be Promotable helps ambitious professional women share their brand brilliance through a powerful online brand presence. To get instant access to her free special report on how to surefire steps to be promotable stop by and visit

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