3 Brand Support Systems You Can’t Do Without – Part 4 of 4

dreamstimefree 2329889 150x150 3 Brand Support Systems You Cant Do Without   Part 4 of 4System #3: Content Creation

In addition to your customer care practices, it is important to look at ways to systematize your product strategy. There are many opportunities for you to deliver your services on a wider scale. What I mean is just about any offline services you provide can be made virtual. If it is a process that you teach over and over again, you should be able to implement a way for your customers to receive the instruction even when you’re not around.

Many entrepreneurs have more than one business but especially if you are a single business owner there is only one you. You cannot be in all places at all times, but your products can. A simple way to ensure that your brand receives constant recognition is by designing information products. These type of products are becoming quite commonplace. The reason is that they can be developed for low-cost and delivered for high return.

Some examples of information products include e-books, webinars, tele-classes, CD/audio products, e-zines, and more. There is an abundance of resources, teachers, and coaches that can show you how to create content from your off-line training programs. If you already have developed certain programs, it will be even easier for you to virtualize the information and make it available online work in a kit that can be purchased.

I have learned great product creation tips and strategies from a number of experts online. Bob the Teacher, Milana Leshinsky, and Jan Marie Dore have all been instrumental in demonstrating how easy it is to create products. Google either of them to see examples of great information product options.


As an entrepreneur in the information age you have amazing opportunities to promote your visibility, and to generate profit for your business. The key to promoting your brand is to develop systems that run on automatic while you actively put yourself in front of others. The three systems discussed in this article: client engagement, customer relationship management, and content creation – when done correctly – can significantly boost your business and distinguish your brand.


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