Keeping the Main Thing The Main Thing

MP90034189611 Keeping the Main Thing The Main ThingI’ve been talking a lot about sales funnels and systems and lions, tigers, and bears…oh my… these days. But I want to keep things in perspective.

The deal is that sales funnels boost your ability to build trust with your customers. Trust is the key to having a profitable funnel, and it can be quite simple.

There are times when you, the business owner, need to make the decision to give away a product of value. Something your customers will know is a top-notch giveaway. Most often, the best sales funnel system starts out with a free product, and then begins to gain momentum with something at a low price, then on and on gradually increasing the value and the price of your offers.

Eventually, the trust and confidence between you and your prospects will reach a point where you can break out the big ticket transformation item you’ve been preparing. This is your product or program, which carries the larger ticket price, and your customers won’t even hesitate to purchase it. AND it is a result of the time you have spent building that relationship of trust and confidence.

Now that brings me to the main thing.

Allowing your customer to be in control of the business relationship, with the opportunity to sever the ties not worrying about any risk, is what will sustain their trust in you and your business. These are essential keys – it’s all about your customer, building their trust and serving their needs. Sales always come afterwards in this particular line of priorities.

Once trust is established and prospects have become customers, they’ve entered your sales funnel, then you can begin to offer your higher end products.

So in essence, the main thing is this  -

Earn your prospect’s trust with valuable and quality information and you will have a company built with a positive and solid reputation.

Want Your Copy Read? Try Yale’s Top 10 Power Words

I’ve been studying copy quite a bit lately because I want to improve my own business brand and make sure my stuff gets more eyes on it! What about you? Doesn’t that matter to your business? Writing good copy is actually ESSENTIAL to your success, so even if you choose to outsource your writing, you should be familiar with at least the basics.

Study and save this simple list of words you can use to attract more views.

3 Brand Support Systems You Can’t Do Without – Part 3 of 4

System #2: Customer Relationship Management

The customer relationship management system refers to the way you take care of your current customers. It may be the way that you process their intake into doing new business with you. It’s about how you provide here and service once your clients have already paid or invested in your services. Ultimately the goal is for prospects to become clients and eventually to become raving fans for your business. This happens when you treat current clients or fans very well.

How do you deliver on the promises that you make in your brand. Does it require a lot of manual labor? Can you automate delivery of your services? Can you set up systems with the click of a button that will accept payment and deliver on the promise? If you’re conducting a coaching group is there self-service function word new clients can go and access their profiles, pay an invoice, create a support case? This is all part of delivering on your brand promises.
When you have easy tools and systems in place it’s much easier for your clients to rave about your services and to refer others to them as well. A great service experience can immediately expand your level of influence and authority.

I am a huge fan of Customer Relationship Management systems (CRM). CRMs were like a dream come true because I was tired of manually tracking loose pieces of paper, sticky notes, e-mails that flooded my inbox from people I worked with. A solid CRM can manage projects, automate your billing, and make it easy for you to find essential correspondence between you and the customer. Examples of great CRMs to research for your business include BaseCamp, Salesforce, Capsule CRM, and WorkEtc.

Another part of the relationship management, however, involves your approach to follow-up. Send Out Cards is a simple but highly distinctive way to show your clients you care. I purchased an account with the company years ago but did not realize the power of the program until I used it to mail personalized postcards to members of a course I was teaching online. It really made an impact with my clients to receive a special thank you from the right at their doorstep.

Trust me, in this age of Internet marketing a postcard or greeting card will help you stand out from the crowd. It will also help to solidify the emotional connection with your customer, which has the potential to generate more sales. Besides, sales are really about creating a personal experience for the buyer.


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