The 4 Parts of a Fabulous Personal Brand Statement

iStock 000008473282XSmall 150x150 The 4 Parts of a Fabulous Personal Brand StatementI often hear the question, “how do I develop a personal brand statement?” and my answer stays the same most of the time. A strong personal brand statement can be one of the best tools you can have and certainly one of the most critical ones for your branding and marketing toolkit, whether you are a business owner, or a professional working for someone else.

There are certain components that are variable and others that are pretty foundational in developing your personal brand statement (P.B.S.).  Some of the  factors that may be variable are:

  • When and how you will use it – e.g. interview for a job? networking situation? speech?
  • Who you’re talking to – e.g. language needs to meet the needs of the audience; the message is the same, but the approach should be adaptable

Even though these may change, there are basically four parts I like to use in developing the main statement, so I’ll share these next.  A great basic statement tells people:

  1. Who you are – let the recipient of the statement know your identity, your name
  2. What you do – the core service or opportunity you provide
  3. Who you do it for – your target audience and/or ideal client you work with
  4. How you do it – your style, your unique approach, what distinguishes you

Let me give you an example of how this might work -

“Hi, I’m Tanya Smith of Be Promotable, the No Guesswork Branding & Marketing Resource for women solopreneurs.  We show our clients practical, step-by-step online marketing strategies to confidently promote their business and get them noticed.”

Now you try it.  Add your own P.B.S. with the 4 parts in the comments and I’ll share feedback…come on, you can do it!

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