March 1, 2011

Your Career Marketing Style – Audio

iStock 000009344575XSmall Your Career Marketing Style   Audio If you missed out on the preview call, Your Career Marketing Style, here is your chance to check it out.  On the call, I talked about the #1 truth that can launch your professional success.  I also cover 5 great ways to promote your professional brand in your own preferred style.  Finally, I share with you ten questions you should ask yourself in selecting the best promotional style for you.

This is a great lead-in to some of the wonderful information I’ll be sharing with my coaching group in a 6 week program called The Promotable Brand: How To Get Clear, Get Known, and Get Paid in Your Career Or Solo Side Business.  If you’d like more information, check it out at

You can hear the 50 minute audio right here (the handout is below):

Career Marketing Style Handout-Participant

Let me know what you think!

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